Rhythmic Gymnastics
What it's all about:
Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and precise Olympic Sports. It is a combination of the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics, the technical knowledge of ballet, and the self-expression and rhythm of modern dance.

Unmatched for its elegant, expressive, precise and graceful movements, Rhythmic Gymnastics uses hand-held apparatus -  hoop, ball, rope, ribbon, and clubs in specially choreographed rhythmic group and individual routines.

 The benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics to girls includes:

Fun and physical fitness


Positive self-esteem

Lasting friendships

Team skills

A healthy lifestyle that the gymnast will sustain for life.

Splitz Gym Rhythmic Gymnastics offers various programs designed to cater for every level - from beginner to national and international level competitors.  Classes are conducted in Brisbane at our Robertson venue, in the Activites Centre of Robertson State School.

Splitz Rhythmix is our new program for girls who are aged 5 to 12 years.  It combines rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, acrobatics and dance into one seriously fun class!

Gymnasts are guided through stretching, ballet, dance and rhythmic gymnastics body techniques incorporating the use of hand apparatus - ropes, hoops, balls, clubs and ribbons in harmony with music.

Competitive Rhythmic is the next level up in progression for children looking to further their ability in gymnastics.  Gymnasts within our RG competitive program are grouped into teams and levels depending on their individual skill, age and ability.  Entry into our RG competitive program is by selection by our qualified coaches only.

J & W Gymnastics Club Pty Ltd (Trading as Splitz Gym)ABN 19 602 640 602

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