Splitz Gym

Splitz is dedicated to keeping Kids happy and healthy through Gymnastics.  We strive to provide high quality gymnastics programs for every age, experience and skill level.

Our Mission

'To do positive things for young people, specifically, to develop happy, healthy and responsible individuals'

We also recognise that every child has an emotional bank account.  We work hard every day to ensure that when they leave our facilities, they leave with more in their account than when they came in.

A Brief History

Newsflash - Splitz under new ownership

But first, the history

Splitz Gym evolved from the first club L'Elfin Gymnastics based in Sydney This club was founded in 1978 and in 1990 owners Jenny and Andy Whitworth moved to Brisbane to begin a family.  It was then in 1997 work started on a new gymnastics club.  Originally based at St Peter's Lutheran College (SPLC) at Indooroopilly, SPLitz Club this club was primarily a Rhythmic Gymnastics based Club. 

Splitz Gym steadily grew and in 2003 Splitz Gym celebrated with the opening of our own fully dedicated to gymnastics facility with expanded programs to include Women's and Men's Artistic Gymnastics, as well as KinderGym and the 'Gymnastics for All' programs. 

Right from the start, both Jenny and Andy made it their goal to provide a world class facility for training and to promote health and happiness through gymnastics.

They firmly believe every child in Australia should start with Gymnastics or have Gymnastics in their physical development background. At what age, isn't important but what does matter all children participating in gymnastics.

From the small beginnings, Splitz has grown from a modest 400 enrollments in 2003 to over 1,100 in 2014.  Splitz Gym kids participate in a range of programs including KinderGym, JumpStart Girls and Boys, Competitive Women's Artistic Gymnastics and Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics, proving that our formula for growth and happiness through gymnastics is a hit with Brisbane families from far and wide.

In early 2015 Splitz Gym changed hands and is now owned by J&W Gymnastics.  J&W Gymnastics is a partnership of 2 of Splitz's most esteemed coaches; John Zhang and Wen Song.  Together these 2 coaches have close to 50 years of experience in coaching gymnastics in a gentle and caring environment well suited to both low and high level gymnastics.  During the early years both co-owners have had their own very successful careers in the own rights for representing China on the world stage.

Stay tunes for links showing some of their performances.

J & W Gymnastics Club Pty Ltd (Trading as Splitz Gym)ABN 19 602 640 602

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