Women's Gymnastics
The dynamics of the Vault
The grace and balance on the Beam
To swing on the Uneven Bars
The graceful and powerful performance on the Floor

Women's Gymnastics is the most watched sport at the Olympics and its easy to see why, what girl wouldn't want to do what those girls do.  Here at Splitz we have a 4 tiered quality program catering for all abilities and levels.  This program is for girls who want more of a challenge and want to take part in competitions.   Gymnasts within our WAG program are selected into the following programs:
  • Levels Program
  • Development Program
  • Teams Program
  • TOPs  (Talent Opportunity Program)
Which program your daughter goes into depends on her physical attributes, age and ability.  Competitive levels begin at Level 4 and finish at Level 10, with our Level 1 to 3 gymnasts learning routines and taking part in some competitions. Splitz is a member of Gymnastics Australia and follows the Australian National Levels program.

While this program caters for competitive athletes it's an extremely rewarding one as well.  This program deeply enriches and physically educates its participants in ways that are unreachable by most others.  To achieve these higher levels requires a higher level of commitment.

Participation at this level ranges from 2hrs/wk right up to approximately 20hrs/wk.  Training to international standards requires even more. The majority of our kids start in Pre Levels at 2 - 4 hrs per week.

Entry into our WAG program is by selection by our qualified coaches only, although interest is always encouraged.  If you believe your child would be suited to WAG levels and competition, please feel free to ask our staff for more information or to make an appointment with a WAG coach.

Be warned - Gymnasts quickly become very focused, often achieving outstanding physical skills and scholastic results.

Please contact us for more information.

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